3 Tips to Avoid WFH Burnout

by Laura M. Giurge and Vanessa K. Bohns

Harvard Business Review

April 03, 2020


“As millions of employees around the world have had to make a sudden and unprecedented shift to remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic, many might find themselves feeling like they need to work all the time to signal their devotion and productivity — and, as a result, may struggle to create healthy boundaries.  Even more than before, afternoons will blend with evenings, and weekdays will blend with weekend days, leaving a sense of little time off. So, how can we “leave our work at the door” if we are no longer going out the door? Research shows it will be important to: 1) maintain physical and social boundaries; 2) maintain boundaries on how you use your time; and 3) focus on your most important work”

Letter from our President

Hello IAASE members – 

There have been many changes since our last conference.  We have a new logo, we are now on LinkedIn, an updated website, planning for the 2020 Annual Conference and COVID-19.

Our new normal with COVID-19:  We are planning the conference with the hope and optimism of getting through this pandemic but we know the virus dictates the timeline. “We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.  If the conference does get canceled, you will receive a 100% refund of any registration fees paid. We will be re-evaluating our position with the hotel at a later date.  In the meantime, at least for this conference, we need to plan as if everything will be fine.  We hope this will pass sooner than later and will see you in August!” See the attached full message from the IAASE President.

With the updated website all the original content has been moved over and the annual conference details will be contained in the website.  We have also made our presence known on LinkedIn, providing you updated industry information, regional premium audit job postings and local auditor association meeting details. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for regional updates.

Website:     www.iaase.net

LinkedIn:     IAASE_LinkedIn

Conference Details:  www.iaase.net/2020-annual-seminar



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